Staffing Process

1. Requirement Discussion with client
    We spend quality time in discussing the requirements, understanding the expectations from the future candidate.

2. Discuss the Recruitment strategies
    Determine the Recruitment strategies with the client. The number of Tests and Interviews that the candidate has to go       through before the final set of interviews will be discussed here. 

3. Sourcing of candidates
    We source the candidates from our network database, professional networking sites and through job-portals such as         Naukri, Monsters etc.

4. Pre-screening
    Pre-screening not only helps to weed out who exaggerate on their applications, but also helps in getting a better sense     of candidate's skillsets, character, attitude and overall personality. After pre-screening, short-listed resumes will be             sent to our Technical Panel.  

5. Conducting Tests / Interviews
    The Tests / Interviews will be conducted by our experienced panel having more than a decade of experience in IT             Industry.

6. Sharing the Feedback with clients
    The short-listed candidates' feedback will be shared with our clients.


7. Arrangement of Client Interviews
    Selected candidates will be sent to client premises for final selection.


8. Final selection
    Final selection will be done by the client. 


9. Follow-up on the candidate's performance
    The candidate's performance will be tracked as a part of our feedback system. 


10. Improve the process
    We are open to suggestions and are willing to improve the process at all levels.